The antimalarial properties of milk

breastfeeding against malaria

It all begins in 1952 with the work of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine B. G. Maegraith, T. Deegan, and E. Sherwood JonesSuppression of Malaria (P. Berghei) by Milk. Br Med J. 1952 Dec 27; 2(4799): 1382–1384. Audrey A. N. Keppie. Modified Course of T. congolense Infection in Mice Given Diets with Milk Casein. Br Med J. 1953 Oct 17; 2(4841): 853–857. They found that in rats inoculated with Plasmodium berghei and living on a diet of milk there was a strong suppression of the growth of the parasites. This was valid for...

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malaria transmission is enhanced by antibiotics

antibiotics and malaria: dangerous mix

Some over the counter drugs sold on a large scale in Africa, show strong antagonism with several antimalarial drugs. Aspirin has an effect on the endothelium and platelet adherence. The time to parasite clearance is significantly longer in children treated with paracetamol and recrudescence is higher. This of course does not prevent the swamping of Africa with these commodities by Bigpharma. You don’t kill a cash cow even if the collateral damage is the death of thousands of children! And now it is also confirmed that antibiotics...

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Antimalarials and antiretrovirals are antagonistic

Antiretrovirals bad for malaria

At the 15th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV on May 19, 2014 at the University of Nebraska, it was shown that nevirapine co-prescribed with artemether-lumefantrine may reduce the artemether concentration in blood by 70%. Fehintola FA, Huanf L, Scarsi KK, Darin KM, Parikj S. Reduced artemether-lumefantrine exposure in HIV-infected Nigerian subjects on nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy. 15th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV&Hepatitis Therapy Fehintola FA, Scarsi KK, Ma Q, Parikh S, Morse...

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Vitamin C is bad for malaria

Paludisme. Eviter la vitamine C

The detrimental effect of Vitamin E on malaria infections is well known, the one of Vitamin C to a lesser extent. The malaria belt of the world (tropical regions) with rich sources of vitamin C constitutes malaria endemic zones. In these zones, where vitamin C rich food such as citrus fruits and green vegetables abound, a mutual relationship between the two appears to exist. A database of vitamin C contents in tropical vegetables and foods has been published. Moringa oleifera for example contains 7 times more vitamin C than oranges. M....

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geophagia, iron and mycobacteria

mycobacteria and iron

Three diseases at least are caused by mycobacteria : leprosy, tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer. Iron is a prerequisite for the growth of mycobacteria. It is a cofactor for numerous enzymes encoded in the mycobacterium genome. It is required for the cytochromes involved in electron transport. It has been estimated that 7 to 64 g Fe per kg of mycobacterial cell mass is required to support growth. Iron limitation in vitro to levels below these results in growth restriction in many species of mycobacteria, such as M. tuberculosis....

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