Artemisia absinthium very efficient against malaria ... and legal in Europe

Artemisia absinthium wirkt Wunder gegen Malaria

As comment and strong support to the weblog : Artemisia absinthium, a forgotten antimalarial, it might be useful to add these historical data from France found on the homepage WHO stipulates that if a medicinal plant has been used for more than two generations in a country it is limmediately legal, without restreints, without further toxicity testing. Parmi les armoises méditerranéennes, l’absinthe (Artemisia absinthium) se distingue par son ancienne réputation,...

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Rotary, malaria and Bill Gates

Le Rotary ne s'intéresse pas à Artemisia annua

Yes, I am a Rotarian from RC Luxembourg Vallées. 10 years ago we launched programs in Africa and South America promoting the use of the Artemisia annua or Artemisia afra plants against malaria and other tropical diseases. Several clinical trials, the last one in RDCongo have demonstrated the high efficacy of this herbal medicine against malaria. Not only in therapy, but also in prophylaxy and in transmission inhibition, After 7 days of drinking the infusion there are no parasites-gametocytes left in the blood. Rotarians from Belgium,...

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Los ACT no protegan a los viajeros contra malaria

Artemininpillen wirken nicht immer

Los ACT no protegen a los viajeros contra la malaria Pierre Lutgen Julio 4, 2019 (ACT: pastillas de terapia combinada de artemisinina, o Artemisinin Combined Therapy) No sólo los residentes en África están afectados por la resistencia a la ACT. También los viajeros que regresan de la malaria y las áreas endémicas que la sufren son víctimas de las mismas fallas. Se hizo un análisis comparativo retrospectivo del régimen de tratamiento para la malaria por Plasmodium falciparum en adultos en Estocolmo durante el período...

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Travelers are not protected against malaria by ACTs

Plasmodium ist resistent gegen Artemether-Lumefantrine

ACT resistance in travelers Not only residents in Africa are affected by ACT resistance. Also travelers returning from malaria endemic areas suffer are victims of the same failures. A retrospective comparative analysis of treatment regimen for P. falciparum malaria in adults in Stockholm during 2000-2015 was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of artemether-lumefantrine. Parasite genotyping and drug concentrations were investigated in the AL treatment failures. AL failures occurred in European men and the effectiveness in this group...

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Amiodarone (Cordaron) protects against malaria

Because it contains iodine

Amiodarone which is used to control irregular heartbeat also has a protective effect in malaria. It triggers eryptosis and the clearance of malaria infected erythrocytes. In Plasmodium berghei infected mice amiodarone injections increased the survival. It is interesting to note that amiodarone is also active against other tropical diseases like Chagas or Leishmaniasis, both in vitro and in vivo, probably by disrupting the parasites' Ca(2+) homeostasis, Bobbala D, Alesutan I, Föller M, Protective effect of amiodarone in malaria. Acta...

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