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Covid, immunoglobulins, malaria and Artemisia

Malaria schützt gegen Covid

Congratulations for Jerome Munyangi who with other Africans run the successful large scale double blind clinical trials in RDC against malaria and bilharzia, confirming previous smaller clinical trials run in other countries by African medical teams. Everybody wants to find Artemisia now for infusions against Covid and Malaria. Several of our partners in Africa are confronted with a stockout. Several newspapers or blogs confirm that malaria endemic regions are virtually Covid free. They relate this to malaria drugs. We rather are of the...

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La cooperation belge finance un projet Artemisia au Cameroun

500 000 euro sur 5 ans avec Iwwerliewen comme partenaire

La cooperation belge finance un projet Artemisia au Cameroun
Le titre anglais du projet est EMPTYING PLASMODIUM RESERVOIRS TO ACCELERATE MALARIA ELIMINATION IN HIGH TRANSMISSION SETTINGS: CASE STUDY IN CAMEROON. Le coordinateur du projet est le Pr Jacob Souopgui de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles assisté du Pr Stephen Ghogomu de l’Université de Buea au Cameroun. Les autres partenaires sont l’Université Catholique de Louvain, la Vrije Universiteit Brussel, l’Université de Liège, le Point Focal Universitaire pour le Développement à Namur, Iwerliewen au Luxembourg et au Cameroun les...

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geophagia, iron and mycobacteria

mycobacteria and iron

Three diseases at least are caused by mycobacteria : leprosy, tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer. Iron is a prerequisite for the growth of mycobacteria. It is a cofactor for numerous enzymes encoded in the mycobacterium genome. It is required for the cytochromes involved in electron transport. It has been estimated that 7 to 64 g Fe per kg of mycobacterial cell mass is required to support growth. Iron limitation in vitro to levels below these results in growth restriction in many species of mycobacteria, such as M. tuberculosis....

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