Artemisia's incredible impact on health care

Des millions d'économie possibles pour l'Afrique

In a country in the center of Africa two plants producing the same palm oil based cosmetic products and belonging to the same shareholder have established for the first quarter 2015 the balance of their health care costs. The first plant employs 168 people, the second 458 people. In the first plant the total health care costs per employee are 6.1 times lower than in the second. In the first plant people have been convinced a few years ago that regular consumption of Artemisia annua tea could be prophylactic and beneficial for several diseases, particularly for malaria. The impact of malaria on the global economy in African countries has been highlighted in many assumptions. These hard quantitative data clearly demonstrate what impact Artemisia annua as prophylactic tool against malaria can have on health care costs, and even much more on the performance in industry, the education of children, and the general well being. If Artemisia annua prophylaxy really works at this scale and is used in a large enough area, transmission will be reduced and even interrupted. The dream of malaria eradication would become real and the business of ACT pills which are only therapeutic become redundant. When is WHO Geneva going to lift the immoral ban on Artemisia annua ? When are the African Ministers of Health going to rebel against this pharmaceutical colonialism ?

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