Artemisia annua cures dengue fever!

Artemisia aus Luxemburg wirkt Wunder im Pazifik

In the 1970s, there were only about nine countries where dengue fever existed but now the number is closer to 60. As of 2010 dengue fever is believed to infect 50 to 100 million people worldwide per year with 1/2 million life-threatening infections There is no cure and no real treatment, A major dengue fever outbreak took place in Vanuatu in 2014, with several hundred cases. A female person living in Vanuata was infected by this virus. The infection was classified as dengue by clinical analysis in the hospital where she spent a week. She claims to have recovered after drinking Artemisia annua infusion (origin of the herb : Luxembourg). Subsequently several of her relatives suffered from the same symptoms and were all cured in a few days after tea A annua consumption. The Health Authorities confirm that these people were infected by the dengue virus. This is the first in vivo report on the efficiency of Artemisia annua against dengue. It needs of course to be confirmed by clinical trials in accordance with the WHO protocol. A literature search shows that several plants were studied in Colombia for their inhibitory effect against the yellow fever virus which is of the same Flavivirus genus as dengue. Essential oil from Artemisia vulgaris like several other plants seems to lead to a direct virus inactivation (R Meneses et al., Annals Clin Microbiol Antimicrobials, 2009, 8 :8) Flavonoids seem to play a major antiviral activity against dengue virus. In a study from Malaysia (K Zandi et al., Virology Journal, 201118 :560), quercetin was 5 times more efficient than other flavonoids like naringin, daidzein, hesperitin. Quercetin showed prophylactic as well as therapeutic action. Who would like to participate in clinical trials with Artemisia herb ? We can offer charge free A. annua of different origins, A. afra, A. absinthium, A herba alba and other samples from the same Asteraceae genus. For most of these plants detailed analytical data are available.

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