Artemisia soulage et guérit le diabète

Artemisia afra hilft bei Diabetes

WHO forecasts an alarming increase of diabetes in Africa, from 7 020 000 cases in 2000 to 18 234 000 cases in 2030, with a high death toll if no efficient and affordable cure is found. While using Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra infusions for therapy and prophylaxis against malaria, a team of African doctors noticed that several patients who simultaneously suffered from diabetes saw their clinical signs alleviated. They followed up on 5 cases, prolongating the standard 7 days antimalarial treatment to several weeks. The 5 patients were cured from diabetes, and it was a long-range effect. The treatment also significantly lowered the hepatic ASAT and ALAT values. This confirms similar beneficial effects reported a few years ago by our partners in Palestine and Cameroon. Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra were equally efficient. This is very important for Africa, as Artemisia annua is banned by WHO in Geneva, by the Académie de Médecine in France and the Institut des Maladies Tropicales in Belgium. But Artemisia afra is legal in African countries as per WHO procedures. More details on these 5 case studies are available on request. We are working on several hypotheses based on the constituents of Artemisia plants, trying to understand these findings.

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